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Who is CDAT Software Inc.?

We are Canada’s leading independent software provider serving the Multi Employer Pension and Group Benefits Market. Over 35 years of implementing administrative software solutions in Canada spanning multiple provincial and federal jurisdictions.

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The Oliver Platform is a complete administration and claims adjudication solution for pension and group benefit plans.

Oliver is for self-administered and third party administrator environments.

We work closely with consulting firms, insurance providers, and independents across Canada.

    Functional Requirements Highlights
  • Contributions collection and reporting for hour or dollar bank pension, group benefits or union funds

  • Robust health spending account administration and payment processing

  • Employer and member record keeping

  • All pension plan calculations including commuted values and optional forms

  • Marriage breakdown processing and record maintenance

  • Actuarial support on defined benefit pension plans

  • Eligibility determination for all plan types

  • Dental and Extend Health claims adjudication

  • Member and employer self serve portals with numerous access levels

    Platform Management Highlights
  • Plan configuration, set up and update tools

  • User account creation and tracking tools

  • Task management tools

  • Communication tools

  • Client platform usage reporting

  • Contextual navigation throughout plan types and modules

  • Bank-level encryption security

  • Complete security of plan data within the platform

  • CSAE 3416 report

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Client Story

Prairie Teamsters Administrative Services Ltd.

Located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Prairie Teamsters Administrative Services Ltd. (PTAS) is responsible for the administration of Pension and Health benefits for members of the Prairie Teamsters and Teamsters Union Local 362 Plans, and Pension benefits for members of the Teamsters/R.W.D.S.U. General Workers Union Pension Plan. Totaling over 10,000 union workers, one of PTAS challenges is to keep up with the ongoing information flow while ensuring open communication with their members. A typical day involves fielding phone calls from members with regards to their benefit levels or key events that affect how benefits are distributed.

C-DAT's complete software suite supports PTAS administration operations. "We rely heavily on C-DAT's applications to run our office. We are in such a specific and unique area of business. We administer three different pension plans, and two health benefits plans. The rules of each plan are very different from each other, yet our staff needs to be aware of each and every rule, so we need systems that help us access information quickly and accurately. C-DAT was the only company we found that offered a fully integrated system that took into account both health and pension plans."

C-DAT installed the PTAS systems in 1996. Since then we've been supporting PTAS to ensure they are able to continue to support and respond to their membership. "C-DAT has been very supportive of us. They are always just a phone call or a short trip away. Now with internet connectivity, we virtually have instant software updates and support. C-DAT and our staff have really developed a great working relationship over the years. They respond quickly to our requests and ensure we're able to do our work efficiently. We look forward to many more years of working together."

Wayne Morrison, CA, Administrator
Prairie Teamsters Administrative Services Ltd.

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