C-DAT's Story

From Elvis to American Idol, C-DAT still producing Employee Benefits Software

John Cole wrote his first line of code back when Elvis was still riding high and Beatle Mania took hold of the Billboard charts. A pioneer in the computer industry, John remembers the days when he managed rows of mainframe computers that nowadays can be stored on a 1-inch USB drive.

Like so many entrepreneurs, after working for various companies around the globe, John decided working for himself would be a more fulfilling and rewarding existence. As such, in 1979 C-DAT Systems Inc. was born. The first project for C-DAT was the administration of The United Food and Commercial Workers' Union Local 1518 (UFCW) Dental Plan. A project that eventually developed into the full administration of the UFCW dental plan, and dental claims payment, that C-DAT performs to this day.

From there, John installed the first set of terminals and mainframe computers for Mercer Canada, Vancouver Office, in order to administer, and to adjudicate Mercer's client, Teamsters Union Local 31 Health and Welfare Benefits Plan. Following this milestone, C-DAT custom developed and integrated the Teamsters 31 Pension Administration Software completing the full administration cycle for Mercer Canada.

Now, 30 years later, C-DAT still works with Mercer Canada, the United Food and Commercial Workers Union and Teamsters Union Local 31. In fact, Newer versions of C-DAT System's administration software are now used to administrate all of Mercer's Multi Employer plans; including pension administration and health benefits administration.

Today, C-DAT Systems develops a full range of software for the employee benefits industry and within the Multi Employer market. Key to C-DAT Systems software is the integration of both pension and health benefits administration.