Our Mission

To provide mid-sized multi-employer groups with complete and customized Employee Benefits Software Solutions which is consistently perceived as user-friendly, robust, and flexible supported by friendly, knowledgeable, and attentive staff.

Our Core Values

C-DAT is built on integrity. As history shows, our longest standing clients have been with us since C-DAT's inception, 30 years ago, which says something about who we are. We follow through on our word and work hard to ensure our clients, suppliers, and employees' needs are being met.
A large part of what drives our company is our attention to the quality of our products. Our software, plainly and simply, works. Our technical and functional knowledge along with our commitment to our clients ensures continued success in our field. Through our continued focus on quality, we strive to build on our past successes on every new application build.
Customer Delight
Every interaction we have with our clients presents an opportunity to build a stronger relationship. Whether it is responding to a client request to updating a system feature, or just simply adding the new feature because we know our client will benefit from it. We are always thinking of ways to bring further value to our client base.
Individual Growth
At C-DAT, we understand the importance of well being; work-life balance, and recognizing our individual's unique needs and goals. C-DAT, strives to provide an environment for its people to grow in areas of professional development and personal development. Whether it is a workshop or course in JAVA programming or other technology, or a new Benefits course, C-DAT is committed in standing behind its employees.