Servicing the Canadian multi employer benefits market since 1979

If you are currently researching the Canadian market for independent software developers specializing in the multi unit / employer group environment, you will find there are only a handful of us. With few to choose from, experience and installation base become that much more important when deciding on which service provider to go with. With 30 years of experience comes a knowledge base we challenge any company to match. Our solid installation base spans the country and covers an incredible number of rules specific to individual plans. We can proudly say our systems are truly customized to meet our clients specific needs. Our record speaks for itself. Check out our CLIENTS Page Here

Our unique skill set in translating complex pension rules or benefits plan requirements to executable programming code and our deep understanding of the regulatory environment for pensions and health benefits are keys to delivering our software solutions. Check out our TEAM Page Here

We are proud to be an independent company with no affiliations with specific unions or consulting firms. View us as your hired-gun with a complete focus in offering best value to our clients.

Key reasons why C-DAT is right for you

  • Canada-wide Installation Base
  • ORACLE: We develop using the ORACLE technology platform
  • MICROSOFT products: As a certified Microsoft partner we integrate our software with common Microsoft applications
  • Integration: Complete integration of Pension and Health Benefits administration software
  • Project Team: Unique mix of skilled and expert knowledge in the Multi Employer / Unit environment and latest technology solutions
  • Support: Follow-up Support Maintenance Programs so that you are never on your own