Application Support

Offering Piece of Mind since 1979

The primary reason our clients choose to enter our support programs is simple. Piece of Mind. The environment our applications live in constantly change. Users come and go, data from many different sources are uploaded on a regular basis, and plan rules are continuously changing. Our support contracts ensure you don't get left behind. Your application remains serviced and maintained, which means you can go about your daily, monthly, yearly routines without a worry. Simply put, your application will just work.

As part of our continuing effort to meet and exceed the support needs of our clients, we will be introducing our new Client Portal scheduled to launch this Winter. A dashboard for our current clients to access various support tools including our application knowledge base, online forums for all clients to find user solutions, to user manuals, live chat, and much more. Furthermore, you will be able to review current and past invoices, learn what the latest tools C-DAT is working on, request system enhancements or system deficiencies... all from your client dashboard.