Network Infrastructure

Leave it to C-DAT to build your network environment

In today's fast paced environment, companies have become more reliant on technology to run their business and keep ahead of the competition. Having a computer system or network down can be disastrous for many companies and can translate to thousands of dollars in lost opportunities and revenues. Unfortunately, it is not feasible for many businesses to have their own dedicated IT department. We offer affordable solutions whether the service is a one-time only service or a monthly service.

Our troubleshooting expertise can fix many of your computer challenges. In addition our proactive approach can ensure that your computer system is maintained and fully maximized, avoiding future unexpected expenses.

Services include:

  • Troubleshooting and repairing your network equipment
  • Overhauling, updating, and invigorating aging or poorly functioning computers
  • Establishing reliable Internet connectivity
  • Securing computer networks with policies, firewalls, and antivirus systems
  • Monitoring network and computer operations to pro-actively address problems
  • Implementing web sites, intranets and wide area networks, and email systems
  • Migrating to newer or different versions of computer software and hardware Installing and configuring VPNs