Members Web Portal systems

Communicate Better with your Membership

Within the last ten years, the internet as a delivery platform has revolutionized how we access information. Day to day tasks, that once were system dependent or location-specific, are now completed through an internet-enabled computer. The expectation to complete tasks from anywhere and from any computer will make its way into every aspect of our lives.

In the Employee Benefits industry, as an employer, logging in and viewing current or past bill payments, or determining which employees are eligible for benefits and at what benefit level, are a few of the tasks that can now be achieved via the internet.

The C-DAT Web Portal will meet your specific needs. We are skilled and knowledgeable with the latest web technologies, latest trends in usability design, and most importantly, we understand the security requirements involved in ensuring our web applications are built to the highest security standards. We have positioned ourselves at the front of this curve. Our modular system is built using popular open source web technologies used in many of the most successful enterprise level web projects today. We view the internet as the new platform for software to power multiple levels of communication, collaboration, and functionality. User groups with very different needs may live within one web application contributing and communicating information from one user group to the next all while working within a web browser.

We discover what your membership's needs are, we present options with your key interests at the forefront, and we deliver an application that will blow your membership away.

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